Dr. Freeman Ralph

Dr. Freeman Ralph joined C-CORE in 1999 and is presently VP Oceans and Energy having over 25 years of offshore oil and gas and wind energy expertise.

Originating from Port de Grave, Freeman has a strong interest and family ties to Newfoundland’s fishing industry, having fished for five years. He holds three degrees from Memorial University including a bachelors degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, a masters degree in ship ice interaction modeling, and a doctorate degree covering ice mechanics, ship structures, and probabilistic design. 

His expertise includes iceberg and sea ice loads on ships and offshore structures, protection of subsea infrastructure including geotechnical considerations, probabilistic/reliability-based design, ice management and risk mitigation including detection, forecasting, threat assessment and decision-support. Besides technical skills, Freeman’s experience includes program development, project execution, project management, exercising leadership at all levels.  He has served on two International Ship Structures Congress (ISSC) – committees namely the Arctic Committee and presently the Offshore Floating Wind Committee. 

Outside work, Freeman enjoys fishing and hunting, boating, RVing, and motorcycle riding.