Ashley Noseworthy

Ashley Noseworthy is the CEO and founder of Edgewise Environmental – a Newfoundland-based, certified women owned marine environmental consultancy focused on marine mammals, sea birds and anthropogenic noise mitigation solutions.

Ashley holds an MSc (International Marine Environmental Consulting) from Newcastle University, a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University and a BSc (Biology) from Memorial University. Ashley has spent over a decade of her life at sea, working offshore on some of the largest energy projects in the world including West Africa, the Arctic and Eastern Canada and was one of the first females permitted offshore in a management role in the Arabian Gulf.

She is the recipient of the 2022 Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE) Trailblazer Award and named one of the Top 100 Inspirational Female Founders of Ocean and Energy 2023 by The Ocean Opportunity Lab.

Ashley contributes to a number of boards nationally and internationally including as a director of Oceans Advance, an active member of the IMarEST Marine Mammal Special Interest Group, an advisor for the Destination Canada Sustainability Task Force and member of the Women in Resources Advisory Committee for the Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology. Ashley is a fierce advocate of women in STEM and breaking down boundaries in non-traditional roles.