The request from the Trade Commissioner to the Canadian High Commission asked for the report “to provide up-to-date and forward looking information to companies in the Canadian Ocean Technology sector, so that they may consider entering this market area or innovating to meet forecast market demand. The report will also make [Canadian] companies aware of the opportunities to enter global supply chains by partnering with or supplying multinational companies based in the UK.”

The report has now been completed and is attached here for members of OceasnAdvance. Itl illustrates the organisations and issues currently affecting the UK Maritime domain and why they might be of interest to Canadian companies. Each sub-sector covers the drivers likely to lead to highest growth in the medium term (2-10 years) with a focus on innovation, emerging technologies and their providers. Where possible details of supply chain structures indicate customers for ocean technology companies and multinational UK companies in the marine security sector who would see ocean technology companies in Canada as suppliers or innovation partners are be provided.

To download a PDF of the report CLICK HERE