OceansAdvance enjoyed a very successful year in 2010. The cluster entered 2010 having developed a strategic agenda to accelerate growth and development of the sector. It set a target of $1 billion revenue growth for the sector by 2015, a fourfold revenue increase from 2005. 

Outward Bound 2015 was a major accomplishment for the cluster as a whole. It set out market drivers for the sector, identified technical competencies and articulated a suite of actions which reflected requisite needs to help the cluster achieve its economic vision. 

OceansAdvance commenced implementation of the strategic agenda over the past year. The plan focused on a collaborative governance model, wherein, strengthening collaboration and alignment of resources will lead to a pervasive embrace of cluster initiatives as set out in Outward Bound 2015. Major advances were made on this front during 2010 and new models are being conceptualized to strengthen alignment and focus more closely on actions responding to the needs identified in the strategic agenda. 

It is our wish that the overview of the cluster achievements outlined in this report will assist in understanding the strategic importance of the cluster to our sector. Meanwhile, OceansAdvance continues to provide a strong suite of activities including speaker series, co-hosted workshops, roundtables and forums focused on informing, connecting and, overall, strengthening relationships and knowledge sharing across the cluster. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working cooperatively in the future.

Gary Dinn 


Board of Directors 

OceansAdvance Inc.

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