Innovation is at the foundation of diversification and growth of any industry cluster.

Underpinning our ocean technology cluster, we benefit from an “innovation ecosystem” that is proactively influenced and aggressively supported by government, industry, academia and our many research institutes. 

Research, innovation and commercialization is about more than the creation of innovative products or processes. It is about people, with the passion, with the experience and the tools to drive innovation. 

On this page, in the coming months and years, OceansAdvance will be profiling our innovative leaders, their organizations, their passions, their projects and most importantly, their stories. 

Having begun in the Spring of 2014, our writers are currently in the process (and having a great time) of interviewing and authoring profiles about our many innovators, i.e. the “cast of characters” that drive the Newfoundland and Labrador ocean technology cluster. We will be relaunching this section of our website in due course. Please stay tuned.