World Ocean Council is Working to Ensure Ocean Industry Leadership in the International “Our Ocean Conference”, Hosted by the EU in Malta

“Our Ocean – An Ocean for Life” – a high-level invitation-only international conference in Malta on 5-6 October 2017 – will bring together key decision makers of the international community to identify solutions and commit to tangible and measurable actions to reduce marine pollution, support sustainable fisheries, mitigate climate change and establish marine protected areas. 

The “Our Ocean Conference” seeks to bring together a range of ocean stakeholders to make commitments to ocean sustainable use. The European Union is calling on corporate leaders to put forward commitments to protect and sustainably use our oceans, in particular on sustainable seafood sourcing.

Companies making commitments for the “Our Ocean Conference” will be officially recognized as ‘Our Ocean 2017 Corporate Ambassadors’ and speaking opportunities will be made available to announce the most ambitious commitments on a global stage. Commitments should focus on the key ocean issues of our time: (1) sustainable fisheries, (2) marine pollution, (3) climate-related impacts on the ocean, and (4) marine protected areas.

To date, the three Our Ocean Conferences have generated about 250 commitments worldwide, of over US$ 9.2 billion and designating 9.9 million square kilometers as new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Until now, the pledges have been made largely by governments and other non-industry stakeholders. The WOC invites all the Ocean Business Community to submit commitments to show their engagement in ocean sustainability.

Please contact Simkje Kruiderink ( for more information on commitments and the submission process.