February 8, 2013, St. John’s NL: Triton Imaging, Inc., of Capitola, California and Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. of St. John’s, Newfoundland announced today that they have signed an OEM agreement under which Kraken will offer Triton Perspective™ software bundled with their AquaPix® Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).

With this arrangement, AquaPix users can have the advantage of using the Perspective software to process high-resolution SAS and associated interferometric bathymetric data to create highly detailed seabed imagery, mosaics and bathymetric 3D digital terrain models. The Perspective GIS-based software provides the multi-sensor processing functions that can enhance the fusion of the co-registered imagery and bathymetry produced by the AquaPix® system.

AquaPix enables seabed images with unprecedented image resolution and detail. The exceptional image quality improves accuracy and increases confidence in decision-making. AquaPix® is capable of providing detailed seabed images with a constant resolution better than 3cm out to a range of 300m from each side of an underwater vehicle (600m swath). It can also produce 3D bathymetric data with a resolution and depth accuracy in compliance with IHO S44 special order requirements.

The system provides cost-effective and ultra-high resolution imagery that’s ideal for mine countermeasures, Q-route surveys, wreck searches, cable/pipeline survey and a wide variety of other seabed imaging and surveillance missions.

“Our agreement with Triton is another example of our dedication to bringing our customers best-in-class solutions,” said Karl Kenny, Kraken’s President and CEO. “Customers will greatly benefit from the flexibility that this integrated solution provides.”

About Triton Imaging Inc.: Triton Imaging, Inc. develops software for the acquisition, processing, visualization, and interpretation of data from sidescan, SAS, multibeam, and interferometric sonars, and sub-bottom profilers. For more information, visit www.tritonimaginginc.com.

About Kraken Sonar Systems Inc.: Kraken is a marine technology company engaged in the design and development of high performance Synthetic Aperture Sonars and Acoustic Velocity Sensors for military and commercial applications. For more information, please visit www.krakensonar.com.
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