In January 2018, OceanGate completed construction of Titan, formerly known as Cyclops 2, a 5-person submersible designed to dive to depths of 4000 meters. Once validation testing is complete, Titan will be the only privately owned manned submersible in the world that is capable of reaching this depth.

With a depth range of 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), Titan will usher in a new era of increased access to the deep ocean for commercial exploration and research ventures. Titan will allow up to five crew members to dive to the ocean depths for myriad tasks and operations, including site survey and inspectionresearch and data collectionfilm and media production, and deep sea testing. Featuring the largest viewport of any deep diving submersible, state-of-the-art building materials, and a lightweight design.

Titan is comprised of two major components, a 5-man submersible and an integrated launch and recovery platform. The platform is comprised of rectangular ballast compartments and utilizes low-pressure air tanks functioning much like a ship’s dry dock. With the submersible secured to the platform, dive crews can launch and recover the submersible by flooding the ballast tanks and submerging the entire integrated dive system to a depth approximately 30 feet below the effects of surface waves. Once submerged the pilot can disengage the locking mechanism, and the submersible can safely lift off of the platform to begin the dive.

At the conclusion of a dive, the pilot docks the sub on the submerged platform, guided into position by integrated landing provisions. Once in position, the locking mechanism is engaged to secure the submersible on the platform. This can all be done without scuba divers. Once secured, an OceanGate custom valve is used to transfer air from the low-pressure air tanks to the ballast compartments to push the water out and bring the platform and submersible to the surface.

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