The Marine Renewables Industry Association has released a discussion document on The Supply Chain for Ocean Energy in Ireland in particular those features that would help advance the national interests of the wave and tidal energy industry.

The developmentof an export market with the UK would provide a market for Irish ocean energy, but enabling actions are still required.Firms in the supply chain are aware of the ocean energy opportunity but need the confidence which would be provided by more overt Government leadership of the sector and, most important, the development of real business opportunities. In particular, the Irish Government needs to give the private sector the confidence to invest in ocean energy and enable business interests to build a base to serve world-wide marketsfor ocean energy equipment and services.

This can be achieved through the provision of:

  • An allocation of ocean energy Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff (REFIT) to createincentives for early investment
  • Clear consenting process administered by a single body (An Bord Pleanála) offering developers–whether of demonstration arrays or, later, of export oriented oceanenergy farms-a clear route to a fully consented site…with a proactive landlord in the
  • form of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government
  • Capital grants regime which addresses the needs of device developers for substantial support at this critical emergent stage of ocean energy technology
  • Clear route to grid access for demonstration arrays and, in time, ocean energy-based electricity exporters.
  • A strong Ocean Renewable Energy Development Plan backed up by an implementation group with industry involvement

The authors conclude that, the absence of any of these elements would be a severe impediment to the growth of ocean energy in Ireland.

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