Halifax-based CMP Publications is announcing the release of the significantly revised The Fisheries of North America first released in 2006. The 420 page hard-cover book, which retails for $97, provides an overview of North America’s commercial fisheries covering almost all species, landing trends (by species or species group), aquaculture efforts, ecology and conservation measures, industry history, fishing methods,optimal management perspectives, present socio-economicimpact and detailed species information… indexed and referenced to the latest scientific and market name conventions.

The book was researched and written by Robin W. A. Rodger,certified management consultant specializing in the marketing of seafood products and editor of Canadian Marine Publications (CMP), Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Wyndylyn von Zharen is Regent’s Professor at Texas A and M University.

The Commercial Fisheries of the United States and Canada is designed to be a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to the major commercial species of fish and shellfish landed in the US and Canada, as well as many recreational species. The book includes illustrations and keys to identifying fish by their appropriate market names, common names and scientific names and for distinguishing these species from other species they can be easily mistaken for. It is not only a definitive guide to North America’s commercial fisheries, it is also easily accessible and reliable for a range of users from general fishers to professional researchers.

Order Inquiries: E-mail: cmp@cmppublications.com; Tel: 902-425-1320/1374

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