The Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) is an independent advisory body mandated by the Government of Canada to provide confidential advice on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy issues. This advice helps inform government policy development and decision making. STIC is also mandated to produce biennial, public State of the Nation reports that benchmark Canada’s STI performance against international standards of excellence. These reports provide a common evidence base for understanding Canada’s STI system. 

It concludes that Canada’s poor business innovation performance represents the country’s most profound and urgent science, technology and innovation (ST&I) challenge.

Despite ongoing efforts to improve Canada’s lagging business innovation performance, it has continued to deteriorate. “Canada has fallen behind its global competition on key performance indicators, reflected most tellingly in business investment in research and development. In 2013, Canada ranked 26th among international competitors on business enterprise expenditures on research and development as a share of gross domestic product,” added STIC member Sophie Forest, Managing Partner, Brightspark Ventures. “Addressing this performance gap is critical to Canada’s future.”

On a more positive note, Canada maintains a solid foundation in the quality of knowledge production and its educated population. However, our investments in these areas have begun to lag those of competitor countries. “We cannot be complacent,” said STIC member Amit Chakma, President, Western University Canada. “Maintaining and enhancing excellence requires that our investments keep pace with those of our global competitors.”

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