(San Diego, CA; 17 March 2015) As part of a new blue tech vision that they believe will create more maritime jobs for the San Diego region, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer and County Supervisor Greg Cox today proposed a major initiative that was jointly approved by the City of San Diego and the County to create a blue tech incubator.

Mayor Faulconer said, “Thanks to our fast-growing blue-tech economy, San Diego has yet another opportunity to be a global leader in technology and innovation. Our coastal city is uniquely positioned to be the perfect global breeding ground for water-related technology, innovation and jobs. I’m proud to help lead this effort that is a big step toward creating a blue-tech incubator and center of excellence and putting San Diego front and center for blue tech globally.”

Supervisor Cox said, “Our blue economy already includes 1,400 maritime-related companies with over 46,000 employees, but we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do with it. A regional vision and a blue tech incubator will help us realize the full potential of our blue economy.”

According to The Maritime Alliance, a trade group that organizes San Diego’s blue tech industry cluster, San Diego has one of largest clusters of maritime and marine technology firms in the world. This cluster, also known as a blue tech cluster, includes fish farming, desalination, clean water technology, subsea exploration, biomedicine, defense, marine recreation, ocean observation and more. San Diego’s close proximity to the ocean, talent pool, world-class universities and research facilities are helping to create one of the largest blue economies in America.  Today, the San Diego City Council, under the leadership of Council President Sherri Lightner and the County Board of Supervisors both unanimously approved a joint resolution which promotes San Diego’s growing blue tech economy “as a leading global maritime technology center.” 

Council President Lightner said, “San Diego has an opportunity to establish a blue tech center of excellence due to our unique confluence of ocean resources, research, industry, military, climate, an educated workforce and an international border. With the City Council’s action today, we are agreeing to unite efforts through regional collaboration and partnerships with private, public, educational institutions and various technology sectors to further develop sustainable, science-based ocean industries that balance conservation and economic development.”

Michael B. Jones, President of The Maritime Alliance said, “The adoption of this maritime vision by the City and County is an important step in defining San Diego as a leading global maritime technology center with major growth prospects.”

The joint action by San Diego City Council and the County Board of Supervisors supports the development of a business incubator that will support new and startup blue technology companies. The new incubator is intended to support more jobs for San Diego residents in water technology, aquaculture, underwater robotics and more.  In April, the Port of San Diego is expected to vote on language similar to the measures passed by the City and County of San Diego.