April 27, 2016
Rutter Inc. is pleased to announce that Viking Ice Consultancy selected the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ system for installation on the Magne Viking, the first vessel to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Polar Code approved by DNV GL. This is a significant achievement for both companies to ensure safety and compliance while in operating in the Arctic.
Rutter’s sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ system enables vessels operating in ice to differentiate between open water, ice pans, open water leads in ice fields and the ice ridges that impact operations in ice zones. Its high resolution image processing provides enhanced ice imaging, leading to superior detection and tracking. In open water the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ system’s ability to reliably detect small bergy bits and growlers that can significantly damage a vessel or platform is industry‐proven.
There are two sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ systems installed on the Magne Viking: one is installed in a standard configuration on the bridge proving real-time high-resolution data imagery and target detection for navigational safety, while the second system interfaces with Viking’s Ice Management System, “COPD”.
Additionally, in December 2015 Viking performed a non-assisted voyage transiting the Northern Sea Route with their icebreaker, Tor Viking, which also has a sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ on-board. SAR imagery from multiple commercial providers was used in combination with the sigma S6 Ice Navigator system. Andreas Kjøl, Project Director at Viking Ice stated, “We obtained very good experiences with the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ and actively used its data to assist in identifying the lightest ice to reduce fuel consumption.”
The sigma S6 system operates across a wide range of sea states, weather, and daylight or nighttime conditions”, says Fraser Edison, Rutter Inc. President & CEO, “and improves crucial situational awareness for real time route planning and decision making in ice operations. We are pleased to be working with both Viking Ice Consultancy and Viking Supply Ships as they are leaders in remote Arctic operations.”
sigma S6 Ice Navigator’s installation base includes many of the world’s ice breaker fleets, tankers, research vessels, bulk carriers and coast guard vessels from countries operating in Arctic and subarctic regions. sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ systems have also been selected by oil and gas companies as part of their ice defence and ice management solutions to increase the safety and operational time of offshore platforms, drill ships and support vessels.
About Rutter Inc. – Rutter is an enterprise focused on providing innovative technologies and engineering solutions. Rutter’s global network supplies technologies to improve efficiency and safety in the marine, defense, transportation, oil and gas sectors from its headquarters in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
About Viking Ice Consultancy –  Viking Ice Consultancy was established in 2015, but their history with Arctic operations goes far back in time. As part of the Viking Supply group, they have a proven track record within Arctic offshore operations, both as ship operators and providers of ice-management and logistical solutions.
For further information, contact:

Brian Johnston
Strategic Business Development Manager
Rutter Inc.
Andreas Kjøl,
Project Director
Viking Ice Consultancy
+47 950 82 287

For more information on Rutter Inc. and sigma S6 systems see http://www.rutter.ca/
For more information on Viking Ice Consultancy see http://www.viking-ice.com/