(St. John’s, NL, 15 Jan. 2014) With changes in policy and programs and the maturing of the Irish marine and ocean technology sector, there is renewed international interest in marine technology research and business development in that country.  Based on existing ties, the Ocean Technology clusters in both Newfoundland and Labrador and Ireland, are ideally positioned to initiate collaborative efforts and take advantage of new drivers in the marine and ocean technology industry. 

In the interests of aiding that process, the provincial Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in collaboration with OceansAdvance Inc. will present the  roundtable session “Marine and Ocean Technologies: New Drivers in Transatlantic Collaboration and Business Development.”

Leslie O’Reilly, Executive Director of OceansAdvance, announced this roundtable session today. It will be held 23 Jan. 2014 at the Oceans Coastal Rivers Engineering (NRC) Building, 1 Arctic Avenue,  Memorial University of Newfoundland Campus.

The morning session begins with a presentation by Michael Devane, Chair of SmartBay, Ireland.  He will discuss the economic development renewal strategy taking place in Ireland with special focus on marine and ocean technologies.

In his presentation, “The Marine Institute and Irish Collaboration, a Platform on which to Build,” Ron Newhook, director of research at the Marine Institute of Memorial University, will outline the institute’s successful record of collaboration with Ireland. He will also provide insight into how provincial research and business can leverage this relationship.

Kate Hickey, president, Ireland Canada Business Association (IBCA), will outline relevant programs and initiatives that could support collaboration between the two entities in her presentation “Ireland:  Market Overview and Opportunities.”

The moderated roundtable session “Finding Synergies” follows the break with brief statements from representatives of Ireland, ACOA, IBRD, and local industry.  These presentations will provide a framework to help identify new trans-Atlantic opportunities and challenges and next steps to capitalize on Ireland and the new drivers. “During the open dialogue we are looking to business and research to share their experiences and identify new opportunities for research, innovation, commercialization and market penetration,” says Mr. O’Reilly.

This Roundtable is one component of a larger initiative by the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency designed to facilitate business opportunities with Ireland and the EU. Other components include:

  • Wed. 22 Jan. 2014: The Export Discovery Session “Ireland – Newfoundland and Labrador Business Opportunities: Multi-Sector.” It will be held at the Admiral’s Green Clubhouse. This includes morning coffee, presentations and discussion and, a networking lunch, to discuss opportunities in the Irish economy and meet one-on-one with IBRD in- market consultant. To register for this event send an email to Tina Patey at TPatey@gov.nl.ca.
  • March 3 – 8, 2014: Ireland Multi-Sector Trade Mission. The mission program features matchmaking services with in-market consultant, Kate Hickey, prior to the mission, on-the-ground support during the mission, and networking with key market contacts. For more information or to register, contact Allison Dancey, (709) 729-7053 or allisondancey@gov.nl.ca

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Media Contact:  Leslie O’Reilly, Executive Director, OceansAdvance, St John’s NL; 709-738-7069; leslie.oreilly@oceansadvance.net

Trade Mission Contact: Allison Dancey, (709) 729-7053 or allisondancey@gov.nl.ca