Canadian companies with capabilities and innovative technologies in the marine sector need to know about a request for proposals from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD). The RFP, which closes on March 13, 2012, offers an opportunity for marine defense work in the UK. 

Facing a declining budget, the MOD is seeking cost-effective technology for the UK Maritime Capability. These technologies should enable the Ministry to significantly reduce inputs, such as fuel, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. The aims of this search is to  enable increased platform efficiency  and to help assure compliance with sustainability and environment protection without limiting operations at sea while at the same time ensure their ability to meet current and future demands. 

The RFP is based on six challenges in the areas of

  • Heat Management,
  • Platform Propulsion, and
  • Novel Platform Efficiency and Sustainability. 

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This RFP is being led by the UK Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE).  It is open to international companies both within and outside of the marine defence sector.  Canadian companies making a submission to the CDE to propose solutions will receive a timely response from the CDE regarding their level of interest. 

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For further information please contact Andrea Desmarteau, First Secretary (Commercial), High Commission of Canada, Macdonald House, 1 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 4AB.
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ABOUT THE Centre for Defence Enterprise: CDE is the first point of contact for anyone with a disruptive technology, new process or innovation that has a potential defence application. CDE is a gateway between the outside world and the Ministry of Defence (MOD), bringing together innovation and investment for the defence market, ensuring that our front-line forces have the best battle-winning technologies for the future.

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