It’s that time of year again when cluster members assemble to take a look back at the year, plan for the coming year and elect  from among their ranks those people whom they feel can work with the rest of the board to hold the course. Yes its the OceansAdvance Annual General Meeting and Election of Officer. The date is Thur. Dec. 8, 2011 at 3:00 PM at the Institute for Ocean Technology – NRC Building, MUN Campus.

One of the most important pieces of  business will be the election of officers. The four outstanding candidates for the three positions on the board this year include: Catherina M. Kennedy, Anthony Patterson, Joe Ryan, and Derek Scott.(Their Bios are provided at the end of this news story.)

Every vote counts so please mark your calendars.  For those who can’t make the event we are  holding an advance poll  Advance poll voting can be done either electronically or via postal mail. Ballots will be accepted until 12:00 noon , Fri., Dec. 2, 2011. The usual process for voting will take place at the AGM. Either way confidentiality for voters is assured.

The guest speaker for this year’s event is the Honorable Keith Hutchings, Minister responsible for the newly created Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development. The ocean technology sector’s  forward momentum is a very bright spot on the department’s radar. 

This year the AGM is combining business with pleasure  as we launch right into our Christmas networking event as soon as the formal business is concluded. Don’t get caught with your oars down, RSVP Cathy Hogan at no later than Mon., Dec. 5 if you plan be there.

We need your vote to help choose from among the candidates. Please make time to vote, either in the advance poll or during the event. Click here to download the Advance Poll ballot.

To help you make an informed choice we’ve included a brief bio on each of the candidates below–in  alphabetical order:


CATHERINA M. KENNEDY is the president of Kennedy Strategic Management and service offerings include business development, government relations and corporate communications.  Catherina’s professional expertise was developed in the public sector (provincial and federal governments), private industry (oil and gas, renewable energy, ocean technology, security and defence) and agency (advertising and marketing).

Catherina Kennedy brings 20 years of experience as a senior corporate professional to OceansAdvance. She has studied at Memorial University; the University of London, UK; the Gardiner Business School; and Cégèp de Trois Rivières.  She has worked as a senior manager with the provincial government and in private industry as an account manager in a marketing and advertising firm, and a senior manager in the oil and gas, renewable energy, ocean technology and communications industries. 

Catherina is knowledgeable about how best to navigate the workings of government and, in particular, the programs supporting the expansion of local sectors offered by the Provincial and Federal agencies. She is an effective communicator with strong research and writing skills. With local, national, and international corporate experience she will assist OceansAdvance to foster successful partnerships to advance OA’s manadate. She can leverage her network of business and institutional leaders to secure buy in and participation.  Her strong commercial and business acumen will result in business development strategies to open international doors for the local sectors.  

ANTHONY PATTERSON is the President and CEO of Virtual Marine Technology Inc. (VMT), a Canadian based company which specializes in the simulation of small marine craft.  Prior to joining VMT, Anthony served 19 years in the Canadian Coast Guard and 7 years as the head of Canada’s largest maritime simulation facility, the Centre for Marine Simulation.

Capt. Patterson graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College and Memorial University’s Maritime Studies program.  He holds a Coast Guard Command Certificate, a Bachelor of Maritime Studies and is a Master Mariner.

Anthony’s expertise are in maritime emergency operations, maritime simulation and organizational development.  He has been the project manager for a number of key initiatives including the introduction of computerized search planning in Canada; the development of drifting probes to improve search planning; the improvement of target detection methods; the measurement of human performance of bridge watchkeepers; and, the development of small craft simulation technology.

Anthony has also represented Canada at a number of international fora.  He participated in the rewrite of the Search and Rescue Convention, and conducted a review of the Arab Republic of Egypt’s SAR system for the International Maritime Organization.  Capt. Patterson was the Search and Rescue workshop leader during the Middle East Peace Process, as well as follow-on workshops in the middle-east and the Caspian Sea.

Capt. Patterson re-established the Newfoundland and Labrador Division of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada and is currently the Divisional Master.  He is a former Director of the Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing.

JOE RYAN received his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1978 and his Masters in 1982 with specialization in electromagnetic theory. In 1987, he founded Sigma Engineering Limited, where he held the position of President.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Ryan has been involved in a range of marine R&D projects, including the development of radar recording, radar signal interfacing and radar signal processing technology for commercial applications. While the initial product focus was on iceberg detection and search and rescue applications, these high-resolution radar processor systems have now proven their applicability in global markets for ice, vessel, port and airport traffic monitoring and security.

In 1998 he co-founded Rutter technologies to commercialize Sigma’s audio and video recording technology applicable to the marine voyage data recorder. Rutter acquired Sigma Engineering Limited in 2003 and Mr. Ryan held the Position of Vice President of Research and Development until 2006 and since then has advised Rutter on radar research and development activities. In 2009 Mr.. Ryan founded the Deltaradar group to conduct research and product development into next generation radar technology.Mr.. Ryan sits on various IMO standards committees related to marine technologies.

DEREK SCOTT is the vice president of Provincial Aerospace’s Airborne Maritime Surveillance Division, and responsible to Canada’s single largest airborne ocean observing program in support of Canadian Government surveillance operations.

Work experience with Provincial Aerospace commenced in the software engineering field, developing tactical data management systems for special missions aircraft. In his 23 year tenure with the Company since 1988, progressive positions have been held by Derek that were reflective of the broad base of advanced skill sets applicable to ocean surveillance operations and finally business management and technology identification, adaptation and implementation for surveillance applications around the world.

In his current role, Derek contributes significantly to many of PAL’s core domestic and international business activities including mission system architectures, advanced major proposal/document development and production, software engineering, quality assurance programs, physical and information technology security, contracting, government liaison, operations management, public speaking, program development and management and business development.

Derek also has also been active in the local business community commencing visibly as a founding member of the board of directors of the Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and currently serves as Co-Chair. Other past and current interests have also kept him involved in the community for programs such as the Scouting movement and the occasional hosting, facilitation, or participation in public interest events such as astronomy.