12 March 2013: With the theme of “Oceans 2050: Sustainable Ocean – Sustainable Business”, a cross-sectoral panel of senior executives from oil and gas, shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, offshore renewable energy, and science and technology will start the SOS 2013 (23-24 April, Washington DC) with the Ocean Executive Forum on industry leadership and collaboration.

The Ocean Executive Forum will convene:
— Steve Carmel, Senior Vice President, Maersk Line Ltd (shipping)
— Jeffrey Grybowski, CEO, Deepwater Wind (offshore renewable energy)
— Gary Isaksen, Manager, Global Ocean Science & Policy, ExxonMobil (oil and gas)
— Robert Orr, CEO, Cuna del Mar (aquaculture)
— Mikael Thinghuus, CEO, Royal Greenland (fisheries)
— Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, ESRI (science/technology)

This high-level, multi-industry panel will consider private sector challenges and opportunities for Corporate Ocean Responsibility while at the same time responding to the growing need for ocean energy, food, transport and information.

Preceding the SOS 2013, the unique workshop on “Oceans 2050 – Drivers, Trends and Scenarios” held on 22 April will provide input to the Ocean Executive Forum. Leadership companies are invited to this half-day workshop which will identify the constraints and opportunities affecting future ocean operations and the scenarios for responsible use and sustainable seas in coming decades.

A growing number and range of industry associations have endorsed SOS 2013 from around the world and across the sectors. The SOS program continues to add senior representatives from industry, government and other stakeholders; to view the latest version of the program CLICK HERE.

Contact: Paul Holthus, Executive Director Phone: +1 (808) 277-9008; email: paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org Web: www.oceancouncil.org

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