NOIA Seeking Expressions of Interest: Technology and Innovation in the Oil & Gas Industry

With exploration moving into the continental shelf and deeper waters (globally, more than 50 per cent of exploration spend is in deep-water and remote areas and, according to Wood Mackenzie, this trend is expected to continue), companies need to be ready to adapt to these new operating conditions.
In light of this, Noia will be focusing its 2016 conference edition of Noia News, which will be distributed to all 2016 Play on the Edge conference participants representing local, national and international stakeholders, on how Newfoundland and Labrador-based technology can enable competition in the global oil & gas industry.
If your company has recently developed – or is in any stage of developing – such technology and would like to be considered as a profile company, simply send an email to Noia’s Senior Director of Communications at briefly outlining why.  Submissions will be accepted until January 8, 2016.