(February 6, 2014; St. John’s) The Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University of Newfoundland has signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Town of Holyrood to provide a framework for advancement of oceans-related education, training, applied research and economic development in that town.

“Our partnership with the Town of Holyrood is an important step in the Marine Institute’s ongoing efforts to create and support rewarding opportunities in the growing oceans sector for students, researchers and companies,” said Glenn Blackwood, vice-president, MI. “This collaboration will not only channel the interests and energy of students, researchers and entrepreneurs into building a future in the oceans industries and but will also encourage them to find those opportunities in this province, in communities such as Holyrood.”

MI’s Holyrood Marine Base has been supporting applied research, education and training in ocean technology and offshore safety since the university first established it in 2010. Gary Corbett, Chief Administrative Officer said , “This partnership with the Marine Institute provides us with an important opportunity to get the word out about what a great place Holyrood is for ocean-related research and development.”  And it will help the Town to continue attracting local, national and international ocean industry companies, researchers and academic institutions,” said Corbett, who represents the town as a member in the province’s ocean technology umbrella group, OceansAdvance. “It is an exciting time for this sector and, in particular, for Holyrood’s role in the growth of oceans industries in our province.”

“The latest agreement is evidence of a strong cooperative partnership that has evolved,” said Anthony Patterson, chair of the board for Oceans Advance Inc and CEO of Virtual Marine Technology Inc.. “The combined expertise of MI and the Town of Holyrood will help foster closer relationships with the international ocean industry and provide an effective means to explore opportunities for the expansion of collaborative agreements within Newfoundland and Labrador, across Canada and abroad,” he said.  This agreement will support efforts focused on oceans-related sustainable development for the Town of Holyrood and the surrounding area. It also supports initiatives to build the oceans knowledge base which is essential to growing a local and regional ocean economy that must be centred on innovation and technology to remain competitive in a global market.

Barry Snow, Executive Director of OceansAdvance Inc. welcomed the new agreement on behalf of OA’s members. He said it is further evidence that the town of Holyrood is following through on its Oceans Holyrood Initiative. It is designed to foster, enable and to accelerate an Oceans Industries Community of Practice in the Holyrood region. “By working together the ocean technology sector in Newfoundland and Labrador has built a sustainable and internationally competitive technology cluster. “This agreement today will help to position not only Holyrood but the entire cluster for continuing growth in this sector.” 

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For more information, please contact:

Barry Snow, Executive Director, OceansAdvance. Inc.

St. John’s, NL.

Cell: (709) 691-6592 or

Email: barry.snow@oceansadvance.net

Web: www.oceanadvance.net

ABOUT THE FISHERIES AND MARINE INSTITUTE OF MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND:  Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research and industrial support for the ocean industries, and located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The Institute is one of the most respected centres of marine learning and applied research in the world.

The Institute provides more than 20 industry-drive programs ranging from technical certificates to master’s degrees. In addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees, the Institute offers advanced diplomas, diplomas of technology and technical certificates.

The Institute has three Schools – the School of Fisheries, the School of Maritime Studies and the School of Ocean Technology – and within these Schools a number of specialized centres and units. They lead the Institute, both nationally and internationally, in applied research and technology transfer and in the provision of training to a variety of industry clients.

ABOUT THE OCEANS HOLYROOD INITIATIVE: At the Oceans Holyrood Initiative (OHI), our MISSION is to foster, enable and accelerate an Oceans Industries Community of Practice in the Holyrood region of Conception Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. Guided by a multi-disciplinary Advisory Board of ocean technology, academic and economic development experts, and fueled by an ever-growing Marine Institute presence, our VISION is for the Region to become a diversified, self-sustaining “Community of Practice” in oceans-related research, education, training and business development.

ABOUT OCEANS ADVANCE INC: Established in 2005, OceansAdvance fosters and promotes the ocean technology cluster in Newfoundland and Labrador by aligning industry, academia, research and government in support of sector growth. The organization is governed by an elected Board of seven directors elected from its membership of more than 200 individuals representing the province’s private sector and research community.

OceansAdvance is a voice for the ocean technology sector in the province and an innovative platform for collaboration and alignment of cluster partners. It has a key role in promotion, alignment and facilitation, stimulating networking and building alliances to ensure that the cluster continues to advance as a leader in ocean technology solutions on a global scale.

OceansAdvance is also recognized as a marketing vehicle to advocate for ocean technology as a sustainable and expanding sector contributing to the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador.