Now in its second year, the Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety Conference (MASS) has already gained a reputation as a must-attend event. At MASS’14, October 28 – 30, at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre, St. John’s NL, delegates will network and gain a wide perspective on challenges, opportunities and policies related to the Arctic and North Atlantic maritime environments. Sponsored by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, this international conference is centred around maritime and Arctic security and safety. This years event has attracted featureds presenters and delegates from a wide range of industry, research, academia and government.

With a focus on Economic Development, Security and Public Safety, the MASS’14 conference is bringing together and showcasing organizations with key roles in the Cultural, Research, Government Policy/Regulation, Education, Surveillance, Enforcement, and Technology Development/Application for Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety. For MASS’14. Organized by ADIANL they have attracted a wide cross-section of speakers and presenters to help make the conference a success. On behalf of the MASS’14 Steering Committee, we look forward to you visiting St. John’s.

The backdrtop to this conference is of course the increasing international focus on the Arctic. For decades the Arctic has received increasing attention from the environmental, geopolitical, strategic, and security points ofr view. But the 21st Century two main drivers are accelerating international interest in the Arctic and the associated Maritime environment – climate change and resource development.

The retreating edge of the Arctic ice is the new frontier for off-shore resources and northern shipping routes. This highlights the Arctic’s role as an emerging hub of economic activity. Also, as a direct consequence of climate change in the Arctic and international claims to sovereignty in the region, arctic security and safety are comin gto the fore as opportunities in the emerging Maritime environment.

An increase in both resource exploitation and northern maritime trade will necessitate a corresponding increase in situational and domain awareness to ensure adequate security, public and environmental safety. We are also aware that without the benefit of local and traditional knowledge, the sometimes harsh environment of the Arctic and its Maritime corridors can defeat, or render ineffective, the best that technology has to offer. Newfoundland and Labrador, with its long-time association with the Maritime and Arctic environments is geographically positioned to assume a strategic and lead role in Arctic economic development. Born out of our maritime history, the province is already host to a world class academic, R&D organizations and infrastructure to support the growth in the north.

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