St. John’s, NL, October 31, 2011: Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of its new RocLocTM MKII technology and to also announce the recent European Patent for the RocLoc technology.

Mad Rock has spent the last nine months developing the next evolution of its patented RocLoc technology. The new design incorporates the knowledge and expertise gained from installing more than 400 sets of RocLoc on-load lifeboat hooks over the past 5 years.  Its enhanced functional features are in-line with the new LSA Code requirements that were ratified by MSC 89 in July 2011, requirements that will come into force in January, 2013.

The new RocLoc MKII technology is approximately 30 per cent smaller in overall size, 40 per cent lighter, and is considerably simpler to manufacture. Mad Rock has also improved the stability of the RocLoc system by reducing wear on all critical components to a minimum. 

After undergoing a comprehensive suite of performance and durability testing, the RocLoc MKII design has been submitted to a major Flag State for type approval under the MSC 89 ratified lifeboat hook LSA Code improvements.  It is anticipated that the new system will be deemed compliant with the revised regulations and approved by early 2012.

“Mad Rock has received a great deal of interest in our RocLoc technology from potential customers since the ratification of the new regulations in July”, stated Dean Pelley, CEO & CTO of Mad Rock. “The design of the RocLoc MKII on-load lifeboat hook system, like its predecessors, delivers superior stability. And it minimizes the time and cost of installation.”

On the European front, Mr. Pelly was also pleased to announce the recent granting of its European Patent for the RocLoc technology. With as many as 40,000 or more ships possibly needing new on-load lifeboat hook systems, the RocLoc MKII was specifically developed to meet the new regulatory and market requirements for lifeboat hook system retro fitting.

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ABOUT Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc: Mad Rock is a privately-held Canadian Lifeboat Hook Technology company. Our mision is advancing marine evacuation technology for operators and manufacturers internationally.  Mad Rock’s goal is to use state of the art technology to create high quality, safe, reliable products for customers. Through exceptional up-front and after-sales service, Mad Rock aims to ensure that each customer has the best safety solutions for their individual needs.

In addition to research partnerships, Mad Rock has strategically aligned with safety organizations around the world.  Commercially, Mad Rock has collaborated with safety and survival businesses that have synergy with Mad Rock’s mission of safe, reliable and affordable safety products for seafarers.