This is an open invitation to any organisation, from any sector, seeking partners and funding for innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry to submit high quality proposals for the development and testing of potential solutions for novel borehole seismic sources. ITF, on behalf of its Member companies, is now seeking to identify suitable borehole seismic sources which meet the requirements as specified in this challenge. The selected novel borehole seismic sources will be tested as part of an ITF Joint Industry Project and if the testing is successful, it is expected that these sources will go on to commercialization for use within the oil and gas industry.

Specific Areas of Interest

We are looking for novel borehole seismic sources for a wide range of applications from seismic while drilling for exploration and development to downhole sources for cross-well seismic tomography, enhanced reservoir imaging and permanent reservoir monitoring. These various applications likely will require different borehole source types. They may be for onshore or offshore and for normal or high pressure/high temperature wells.


ITF Members met recently to identify and discuss the current shared challenges faced by the oil and gas industry in the area of borehole seismic sources. There are many technical limitations with the currently available borehole seismic source technologies. Thus, there is great potential for advances in borehole seismology to provide economically attractive technical solutions for use in exploration, development and production and which would achieve a widespread adoption throughout the oil and gas industry.

Who Should Respond

The invitation is open to all relevant industry sectors and all credible entities from small and medium sized enterprises, to academic and research institutions, to large industry players alike. ITF Call for Proposals: Well Intervention

ITF Ref: 4000 – Borehole Seismic Sources Call Apr 2012 2 of 10

Benefits of Participation

  • Funding: Up to 100% funding for the development and testing of the borehole seismic source which should currently be at a pre-commercial stage. A testing programme forms part of this ITF JIP.
  • IP Protection: A proven confidential, collaborative and standard contractual process
  • Exposure and validated applications for your scientific and technological expertise
  • Access to the key global players in the oil and gas sector

How to Participate

Your contact points and outline method for submitting a proposal are provided at the end of this document and you can learn how to submit a proposal by going to the ITF website.

Please send a notification of your interest in submitting a proposal as early as possible by sending an email to Pauline Otręba at p.otrę .

For the complete text of the Call for Proposals Click Here

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