Ireland is progressing towards ocean energy – wave and tidal – in as part of its overall energy strategy. Two tidal projects, totalling 200MW, have been given the go- ahead off the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. In the Republic, the necessary policy instruments to support the industry are gradually being put in place. One of these relates to ‘Foreshore Consenting’  for which the Marine Renewable Industry Association (MRIA) recently developed and submitted a consultative report to the Government of Ireland.  

The report makes a focused and practical assessment of ocean energy as an emerging technology. Wave and tidal devices are still at the experimental stage—particularly wave technology—and the consensus among experts is that the industry is still some time away from technical stability and maturity. The other component of marine renewables, offshore wind, is mature and turbines are being deployed in large numbers by other European countries, notably the UK. Nonetheless, the capital intensive nature of ocean energy (wave and tidal), the enormous investments that will be required by individual commercial developments at sea and the long lead times associated with the energy industry determines that both industry and government must make preparations now. The compelling factor, the reason that this industry should be singled out for special attention, is the scale of the opportunity it presents for jobs and income creation in Ireland.

To read this submission in full CLICK HERE.

The MRIA also held and Ocean Energy Industry Forum recently and the presentations are available on line. CLICK HERE.

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