Challenge meets opportunity


Innovative Solutions Canada is a new program with over $100 million dedicated to supporting the scale up and growth of Canada’s innovators and entrepreneurs by having the federal government act as a first customer. Twenty participating federal departments and agencies will set aside a portion of funding to support the creation of innovative solutions by Canadian small businesses.

Innovative Solutions Canada is aimed squarely at innovators. By funding proposed solutions, the program is supporting the development of early-stage, pre-commercial innovations. The program is a core element of the Innovation and Skills Plan announced in Budget 2017 and the government’s commitment to create better jobs and grow the middle class.


Working with bold innovators is our business.

Participating federal departments and agencies will issue public challenges designed around the desired outcome rather than a known product or process specification and will be based on each department’s mission and mandate. The challenge will be novel where there is currently no solution(s) in the marketplace.

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