(Hawaii, USA; 30 April 2014) The WOC is working to help ensure ocean industry input to key international developments on policies, regulations, planning and priorities for responsible development of deep sea mineral resources and the environmental management of ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction.

The ocean business community is encouraged to make sure that government and inter-governmental agencies have full and balanced information regarding the use of ocean resources important for societal needs and development of the “Blue Economy”.

UN International Seabed Authority (ISA) is undertaking stakeholder consultations as it commences development of a regulatory framework for the future recovery of mineral resources from the seabed in international areas.

The deadline for contributing to the UN ISA survey is 16 May 2014. CLICK HERE for the stakeholder consultation.

The ISA survey covers:

  • Financial terms and obligations
  • Environmental management terms and obligations
  • Health and safety and maritime security
  • Stakeholder communication and transparency

The EU consultation aims to gather opinions concerning seabed mining in order to help the EU develop its position and priorities on the future of these important resources.The deadline for input to the EU study is 16 June 2014. For more information on the EU consultation CLICK HERE.

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