From the NEIA Newsletter: EMSAT is a new local company from the ‘Genesis Centre’ technology incubator at Memorial University. It self describes as an environmental surveillance services company.

The Company’s solution, and what gives it an edge is its integrated environmental monitoring system. Using EMSAT technology it is possible to receive and deliver–in real-time–environmental surveillance of any number of operations. The type of data collected can help to improve environmental management efficiency, reduce the risk of environmental incidents, and ensure regulatory compliance.

EMSAT’s software can streamline data from all types of environmental management systems, processes and sensors.EMSAT’s system can aggregate real-time data from a client’s network of systems and remote sensors; automatically generate meaningful environmental information on intuitive user interfaces; provide decision-support and data drilling capabilities; trigger alerts and warnings of environmental incidents and/or compliance issues; and facilitate accurate automated reporting for stakeholders and regulators.

By giving clients remote access to this data on an ongogin basis EMSAT delivers a wealth of analytical data to generate information that can be correlated with industry standards and regulatory requirements in real-time with user-friendly graphs and graphics, and where programmed to do so can immediately alert users via email or text message  when indicators are outside the norm or not meeting desired targets.

ABOUT: EMSAT is a young organization that is in the “business of the environment”. Click here to visit their website.

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