If you are wondering where you’ve seen that handsome gentleman staring back at you from the front cover of Progress Magazine, Vol. 21 No. 04, wonder no more. It’s Gary Corbett, Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Holyrood, a member of OceansAdvance, and a key proponent of OHI (the Oceans Holyrood Initiative) founded in 2013 to, “foster, enable and accelerate an ocean technology Community of Practice in the Holyrood region.”

Progress Magazine, published by Progress Media Group Limited, selected Corbett as the poster boy for their special Blue Economy Issue.  “Forward thinking towns like Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador are positioned to become the go-to destinations for global companies seeking highly sophisticated applied research partners,” writes publisher Neville Gilfoy. The story, written by none other than local ocean technology champion Andrew Safer provides a concise and well-written glimpse into the strategy and rationale for OHI and the measures of its success. To read the whole story CLICK HERE.

But there’s more. The last word in the Blue Economy edition goes to Barry Snow, Executive Director with OceansAdvance Inc. in his column “A New Paradigm.” In the article he proposes that it is time to shift the focus in ocean technology away from the old model of economic development and look instead to economic diversification, arguing that the more players and the more diverse the ocean technology sector becomes, the less reliant it is on the success of a few key players and. therefore the more resilient the sector is as it extends its reach around the globe. As Snow writes: “Diversification is a risk-management technique that mixes investments. That is reasonable in our region’s oceans technology private sector, with innovation, collaboration regional co-operation, international trade and diversification as its hallmarks.”  To get the whole story CLICK HERE:

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