(15 Nov. 2014) To halt unlawful over-fishing across the globe, Google has announced that it will join forces with environmental groups SkyTruth and Oceana. Associated Press has reported that besides providing financial support to the effort, the company will also be using its cutting-edge mapping technology.

This joint effort comes in the wake of warnings issued by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization. The warning states that over-fishing is a serious threat to the world’s fish populations and it is found that some three-fourths of the remaining population of the world is being pushed to their limits because catches go unregulated and unreported.

Oceana has reported that an estimated $10 billion to $23 billion is lost each year as a result of illegal fishing. Google’s mapping technology has already helped Global Fishing Watch reveal the tracks of some 25,000 large commercial fishing vessels. The future goal of this effort is to create a service that is able to identify illegal fishing activities in close to real time.

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