Sept. 26, 2012:  Genesis Group Inc., the technology commercialization arm of Memorial University of Newfoundland, has been selected to be a presenter at the 10th annual WBT Innovation Marketplace, presented by Northrup Grumman, taking place Oct. 24-26, at the San Diego Convention Center, Calif. The WBT Innovation Marketplace has emerged as the nation’s premier event showcasing the largest collection of vetted and mentored companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, research institutions, and the private sector from across the country and around the globe.

Genesis is among 130 companies and technology innovators from across the globe that were individually chosen by the WBT Selection Committee to present during WBT 2012. Genesis will speak about three technologies developed by researchers at Memorial with leading venture capital firms, Fortune 1000 corporate licensees, federal agency representatives and university technology transfer managers.

The technologies selected by WBT for presentation in San Diego are a miniature camera/laser mounting system for unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles, a patented software package for video editing in TV and movie production and a new type of power converter for renewable energy systems and electric/hybrid vehicles.                                                                                              

“We are honoured to present alongside a wide array of highly regarded researchers and technologists from around the world who are making groundbreaking discoveries,” said Brian Terry, technology commercialization officer with Genesis.  “We look forward to showcasing some of Memorial’s outstanding inventions and helping WBT attendees see first-hand the world-class capabilities of our researchers.”

“We are pleased to include Genesis Group in this choice group of emerging companies and technologies to our exclusive forum of institutional investors, angel investors and corporate licensees,” said Paul Huleatt, CEO, WBT Innovation Marketplace. “We hope Genesis will join the WBT alumni that have received more than $786 million in early and seed stage funding and licensing. One in three WBT presenters goes on to license, secure venture funding or sell their IP outright.”

As with each previous year, the 2012 WBT Innovation Marketplace represents the collaborative, year-long effort of investors, licensees and technology commercialization professionals. The WBT is deal-focused and diverse, showcasing companies and technologies that vary by geography, funding source and type of research institution. Participating technologies are selected by and presented to seasoned venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a variety of growth-oriented industries.

WBT 2012 will be hosted by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and CONNECT, an internationally recognized and award-winning regional program that catalyzes the creation of innovative technology and life sciences products in San Diego County by linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success.

About Genesis Group Inc.

Genesis Group Inc. is the commercialization arm of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Owned 100 per cent by the university, it is a company governed by an independent board of directors comprising industry, government and academic representatives. Genesis operates as two divisions: Genesis Research is the technology transfer office, responsible for patenting and licensing technologies developed by Memorial’s researchers; the Genesis Centre is a business incubator that provides mentoring and planning assistance to high technology startup companies. Genesis is a member of Springboard, Atlantic Canada’s network of university/college technology transfer offices.

About WBT Innovation Marketplace

The WBT Innovation Marketplace is the world’s premier showcase converging revolutionary new energy, life science, nanotech, material science and information technologies to seed limitless solutions for current market needs.  Attendees will experience an unparalleled forum that is both deal-focused and unbiased with regard to geography, funding source or originating research institution.


For more information, please contact Patti D. Hill, at 512-218-0401,; or Brian Terry, at 709-864-2674,

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