Created to bolster innovation in Canada’s business sector, the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) helps companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap by procuring and testing late stage innovative goods and services within the federal government before taking them to market by:

  • Awarding contracts to entrepreneurs with pre-commercial innovations through an open, transparent, competitive and fair procurement process.
  • Testing and providing feedback to these entrepreneurs on the performance of their goods or services.
  • Providing innovators with the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a successful application of their new goods and services. 
  • Providing information on how to do business with the Government of Canada.

The BCIP targets innovations in four priority areas:

  • Environment
  • Safety and security
  • Health 
  • Enabling technologies

The program includes a series of Calls for Proposals, which includes a full description of the Priority Areas and specific criteria for selection. The government also organizes and/or participates in regional events and trade shows so that Canadian businesses can showcase their innovative concepts to federal representatives.

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