Honolulu, HI, 24 July 2012: Esri has joined the ocean business alliance World Ocean Council and will support its international initiatives for sustainable development and conservation of the ocean. Esri’s chief scientist Dawn Wright will share her geospatial expertise with the WOC’s working groups on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and ocean science. Esri is the world leader in geographic information systems (GIS).

“Geospatially referenced information is critical to addressing environmental challenges in the fluid, dynamic, interconnected marine world,” said Paul Holthus, executive director, World Ocean Council. “Esri provides tools, technology, and innovation that support the responsible use and management of ocean space and resources.”

The World Ocean Council’s members include oil and gas, seafloor mining, shipping, fisheries, tourism, and offshore renewable energy companies. Esri is leading the way for information technology participation in the WOC.

“Esri’s president Jack Dangermond and I are very excited that Esri is now a member of the World Ocean Council,” said Wright. “It is the best means that we have seen to date for the global ocean business community to work together and achieve synergies and economies of scale in tackling shared challenges.”

The World Ocean Council develops and implements programs to improve the science, data, and maps needed to address the challenges of sustainable ocean use. For example, the WOC helps ocean organizations understand and participate in geospatial activities that support robust ocean use maps. In addition, the WOC has launched the “Smart Ocean/Smart Industries” program, which will increase the number and types of industry vessels and oceans platforms that collect geo-referenced ocean, climate, and weather data.

“Esri’s alliance with the World Ocean Council and participation in its working groups will help us advance our ocean GIS initiative,” said Wright. “The success of the council’s programs and objectives requires spatial thinking, spatial data, and spatial methods. GIS will play a key role in meeting sustainability objectives and developing international ocean policy.”

Esri has invited the WOC to participate at the Esri annual users conference (San Diego, 23-27 July). WOC executive director Holthus will introduce Esri clients and partners to this unique ocean leadership alliance in presentations at the conference’s Oceans Special Interest Group meeting and at the Environment Showcase Demo Theater.


Media Contact: Paul Holthus, WOC,  +1 (808) 277-9008 paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org
Web: www.oceancouncil.org