More than ninety presenters and observers came together last week for two jam-packed hours of presentations by leaders in ocean innovation and research. The occasion was the Oceans Industry Research Connections Session, the location was the Arctic Room at the National Research Council Building on the Memorial University campus in St. John’s. The event was held Wed., Sept 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 P.M.
Among the company representatives that delivered their strictly enforced three-minute elevator-pitch presentations (in alphabetical order of companies):

Peter Gifford founder of Extreme Ocean Innovation; Daniel Hoyles, Chief Operating Officer for Grey Island Energy; Steve Dodd, VP Operations and Business Development for GRI Simulations; Paul Russell, project manager for Lotek Wireless; the fast talking Karl Kenny, Chief Strategy Officer for Marport, Gary Dinn chief technology officer for PanGeo Subsea; Stephen Hale with Rutter Technologies; Brian Rogers, Engineering Manager for SubSea7; and Sam Bromley, CTO for Whitecap Scientific. Dan Brake, the CTO for EMSAT was scheduled to present but was called away and the event chair delivered the slide presentation in his stead.     
The response from Academic participants was strong with 19 three-minute presentations from researches representing four departments or faculties of Memorial including:  from the Department of Chemistry associate professors Erika Merschrod and Christopher Rowley; from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science associate and assistant professors Ayhan Akinturk, Bipul Hawlader, Nick Krouglicof (Chair of Mechanical Engineering), Shawn Kenny, John Shirokoff, James Munroe. Also from that faculty professors George Mann and Ralf Bachmayer.  And Andrew Cook manager of the Faculty’s Seaformatic’s. From the Department of Mathematics and Statistics assistant professor  Jahrul Alam, associate professor Ronald Haynes, and postdoctoral fellow Thomas Humphries. From the  Department of Physics and  Physical Oceanography professor Brad deYoung, and associate professor, Kristin Poduska.

There were also two presenters from the College of the North Atlantic who demonstrated that CNA has both the facilities and the personnel to carry out significant oceans related research. Presenters included Randal Power on water jet propulsion for ROVs, and Mike Graham of the Wave Energy Research Centre.

The partners and event organizers on hand included Cathy Hogan of OceansAdvance who handled most of the logistics, Richard Isnor from NSERC  who was also the MC for the event; Shelly Petten with IBRD, Bonnie O’Rourke with ACOA and Anne Bailey of RDC.


The formal presentations wrapped up a few minutes early but presenters and observers lingered over coffee in the lobby for close to an hour afterwards networking and exploring opportunities for making a business research connection. OceansAdvance will be exploring four of those connections with articles on this site in the near future. Stories will include White Cap and Extreme Ocean on the business side and on the research side Ron Haynes and Kris Poduska.

Funding agencies with representatives helping to connect the dots at the event included ACOA, RDC, NRC-IRAP, MITACS, and IBRD. They were ther eto where possible present soureces of funding and other support that are intened to support business/academic collaboration. For example NSERC can provide as much as $25,000 in support of short-term research and development for qualifying new partnerships between Canadian university or college researchers and Canadian companies that addresses a company-specific problem.

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