As European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, she was a key player in the development of the Trans-Atlantic Oceans Research agreement (often referred to as the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation) and in May 2013, she became a signatory to that landmark document. She is Máire Geoghegan-Quinn and on 12 Sept. 2014  she will be in St. John’s as a special guest of OceansAdvance.

OceansAdvance, in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, is pleased to present a special OceansAdvance Breakfast Speaker’s Series event featuring Ms.Geoghegan-Quinn. The event will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Memoriual University campus in the NRC/OCRE building’s Atlantic Room. 

During the breakfast session Ms Geoghegan-Quinn will share her unique insight into topics ranging from:

  • The EU Innovation Union and the progress of Horizon 2020,
  • The trans-Atlantic collaboration as is developing from the Galway Declaration,
  • The establishment of oceans clusters within the EU.

Ms. Geoghegan-Quinn will also participate at the session in a discussion of the innovation ecosystem as developing in the EU

Currently, as part of her responsuibility as European Commissioner,  Ms. Geoghegan-Quinn leads the development of the EU Innovation Union and the proposals for the EU research and innovation program, Horizon 2020. Prior to her appointment as Commissioner in 2010, she was a Member of the European Court of Auditors from 2000 to 2010 and between 1975 –1997, a member of the Irish Parliament. In 1979, she became the first woman to be appointed as a cabinet Minister since the foundation of the Irish state and was a member of the Irish government team which negotiated the Joint Declaration of December 1993 on Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland.

A copy of the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation can be found here: 

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