The Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (CIIRDF), has announced a research and development funding opportunity for energy companies and researchers in Canada and Israel.
The first Call for R&D Proposals under the Canada-Israel Energy S&T Fund (CIEST Fund) launched earlier this year generated great interest from companies and researchers in energy R&D collaborations in both countries. CIIRDF is now accepting new applications for the second round of funding consideration in June, 2014.

For those who plan to investigate this opportunity the following information will be helpful. 

The objective of CIEST Fund in creating this opportunity is to invite Canadian and Israeli companies and academic researchers to cooperate on the research, development and commercialization of innovative energy technologies and processes.

CEIST provides funding for high quality, industry-led bilateral R&D partnerships between Canada and Israel. These collaborations should spur the development of innovative energy technologies and processes that enable the responsible development of unconventional oil and gas resources, including applications that address environmental challenges. The Fund promotes innovation that will reduce environmental impact associated with energy exploration, extraction, processing and production. It will also encourage initiatives on other critical energy sources, such as renewable energy, of interest to both countries.
The funding opportunies that exist under this Fund are for Canadian companies that operate and are headquartered in Canada. Qualifying companies are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 50 percent of the total Canadian R&D project value, ranging from a minimum of CDN$300,000 to a maximum of $500,000 per project. This award could be increased up to a maximum of $1 million for high quality consortium-led projects with at least two Canadian industrial and two academic partners.
Canadian academic partners from universities and colleges can participate in CIEST Fund projects as collaborators under contract with the Canadian industry lead applicants. Leveraging a partnership with CIIRDF, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) will fund eligible academic components of selected CIEST Fund projects. NSERC will award funding directly to collaborating Canadian university and college researchers as a non-repayable grant if the project has an integrated CRD (Collaborative R&D) or ARD (Applied R&D) component.
For the June 2014 funding consideration, your full proposal must be submitted by April 7, 2014. However, CIIRDF is pleased to speak with interested proponents at any time to review proposal summaries prior to the development of a complete application.
As background, attached is a  two-page document that provides further information about this CFP. This includes an overview of resources available to applicants including: CIIRDF’s technology matchmaking service; and an Israeli Technological Capabilities Ecosystem Map.
Additional details may be found online.
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For more information, please contact: Tomoko Nishino, Program Manager of CIIRDF (Canada):