Recently retired ice scientist and ice engineer Dan Masterson was honored today with an Arctic Technology Distinguished Achievement Awards. He received the award at a special ceremony during the Arctic Technology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was selected in recognition of his significant contributions to the ice sciences and to the design and construction of pioneering Arctic projects.

In selecting Masterson, the ATC Awards Committee considered nominations for major technological, humanitarian, environmental and leadership contributions to the Arctic technology industry.

Masterson retired from Chevron Canada in June after a 45-year career that saw him work onshore and offshore in civil and structural engineering. His engineering achievements began in the 1970’s with pioneering work for Panarctic Oils. He designed and oversaw the construction of floating ice platforms to support drilling operations and floating airstrips for large aircraft. 

Masterson is a leader in ice science research programs and major offshore Arctic projects. In announcing the award the ATC release noted that “[Masterson] has combined good science with sound practical engineering experience to be able to define ice loads on structures and also to implement the use of ice as an engineering material.”

Towards tghe end of his career Masterson had a lead role in the development of ice load criteria for Arctic standards including the Canadian Offshore Standard S-471, API RP2N and the new ISO Standard 19906 for Arctic Offshore Structures.

In its concluding remans the ATC release noted, “Dan Masterson has provided engineering leadership and mentoring support for younger engineers which is the hallmark of a professional engineer.”