Unmanned Systems Canada is interested in reaching the global unmanned systems community with an invitation to come to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the first unmanned systems conference and trade show to focus on the transition of military unmanned Systems into civil and commercial applications and solutions. The event is being held November 7-11, 2011.

One of the goals of this conference is to use workshops and plenary sessions to explore the opportunities in the civil and commercial market place. Organizers are also dedicating a day to an examination of the increasing requirements and capabilities of military unmanned systems.

In thie invitation USC invites interested parties to explore synergies between military and civil missions as Canada moves towards Arctic surveillance and domain awareness as prioritized in the governments Canada First policy. Hear how manned and unmanned systems work in a coordinated ISR strategy. 

The event also includes a systems demonstration day on the afternoon of Thur., Nov 10, following the conference.  Defence Research Development Canada will demonstrate their R&D Program on unmanned land, sea, and air systems as well as Canadian military unmanned systems capabilities at the NESTRA facility at Osborne Head, 30 minutes from the conference.  Return transportation will be provided.

The 2011 conference will include 3 concurrent workshop streams on day one:

1.   Technical Interoperability Standards

2.   Regulatory Advancements

3.   Civil & Commercial Activities

These will be followed by morning Plenary Sessions and afternoon breakout sessions on topical themes:

  • UVS Training and Simulation
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Civil and Commercial Applications
  • Military Applications
  • UVS Sensors and Data Integration
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in UVS Operations
  • Regulatory Advancements
  • R&D / Emerging Technologies
  • Technical Interoperability Standards

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