The federal government and private sector’s co-investment in the Ocean Supercluster positions Canada to become a global leader in the knowledge-based ocean economy. Ocean resources are one of Canada’s most significant potential advantages, with the longest coastline and the fourth largest ocean territory in the world. 

The Ocean Supercluster will foster new partnerships with industry, post-secondary, government, and other partners, including indigenous communities, to accelerate innovation and commercialization and to drive increased sustainable economic growth from our oceans. 


Grow the ocean economy into one of the most significant, sustainable, and valuable segments of Canada’s economy. 


Build an innovation-driven ecosystem in which companies across different ocean value chains are well-connected to suppliers of enabling technologies. This will be achieved by developing a shared innovation roadmap, and a program of cluster-building activities to improve connections, build new digital capabilities, recruit and develop talent, and solve shared challenges. 


In order to achieve its vision and mission, the Ocean Supercluster will: 


  • Strengthen links between ocean-based value chains and providers of enabling technologies 
  • Develop, deploy, and export innovative technology platforms applicable to multiple ocean industries 
  • Fill capability gaps in the innovation ecosystem through the attraction, recruitment, training, and retention of diverse, highly qualified personnel 
  • Extend the global reach, attraction, network, and market opportunities for Ocean Supercluster partners 
  • Address global challenges related to sustainability, reducing carbon foot-print, and improving energy efficiency


THE OPPORTUNITY. Today, Canada derives relatively less economic benefit from the ocean than other nations. Norway, with a population about one-seventh the size of Canada, boasts an ocean economy nearly seven times larger than Canada’s. There is tremendous potential to better leverage science and technology in Canada’s ocean sectors and to build a digitally-powered, knowledge-based ocean economy. 

COLLABORATING FOR SUCCESS. The Ocean Supercluster is a national undertaking, with investment from companies across Canada, partnerships with post-secondary institutions, indigenous groups, and international partners. The partnership spans fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas, marine bio products, transportation, defence, marine renewables, and ocean technology. Companies are collaborating to define a shared innovation roadmap based on common challenges and requirements. 


The ocean environment is harsh and always changing. For companies within ocean sectors, the environment poses significant risks and challenges that rely heavily on human intervention. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will accelerate progress towards a digital ocean environment that is integrated across industries and enhances the operational performance of marine technologies. 

The Ocean Supercluster will create opportunity for technologies to address shared challenges across ocean sectors, such as: 


  • Customization of underwater sensors and communications systems to provide real-time data to monitor animals and their environments within fish farms 
  • Improved autonomous vehicles to enhance inspection and maintenance activities for large marine assets 
  • Development of ice net technology within the oil and gas sector to enable novel ice management approaches



The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) projects that the ocean economy will more than double in size by 2030. The impact of this growth will be profound around the world and give Canada the opportunity to spur the development and adoption of technologies that will support both higher value output from ocean resources and greater sustainability in established and emerging ocean sectors. 

The Ocean Supercluster will focus investment on industrial, technical, and scientific innovation that will energize the economy and result in improved sustainability outcomes including a lower carbon footprint, better energy efficiency, and improved resource management.



In the weeks to come, the key priority for the Ocean Supercluster will be to finalize the terms of a contribution agreement with the federal government. 

The Ocean Supercluster will formally establish a not-for-profit entity under the guidance of a board of directors drawn from the investing companies and partners. 

Working groups and committees will be established to refine, scope, and prioritize our objectives. 

An initial annual business plan and five-year strategy will be put forward at the founding Annual General Meeting by early fall. 


We look forward to working with Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada, our partners, stakeholders, and Canadians in the months ahead as we position Canada as a leader in the ocean economy. 

For more information, please visit oceansupercluster.ca. 


The Ocean Supercluster is a private sector-led partnership that brings companies together to boost innovation and modernization in Canada’s ocean industries. Companies from different ocean sectors will co-invest to adopt and commercialize technologies to solve shared challenges. The Ocean Supercluster will also invest to develop talent, improve supply chain opportunities, and foster more ocean start-ups to build the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 


Through the Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI), the Government of Canada committed to making investments to support industry-led consortiums focused on creating opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness. The ISI aims to advance business-led innovation and technology leadership to address industry challenges and generate a critical mass of growth-focused firms to strengthen collaborations between the private, public, and academic sectors. 


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