After a slow beginning a decade ago, Canadian Universities are now hastily working to recruit students from the vast numbers of bright young scholars from India. On June 27, Campbell Clark reported in The Globe and Mail that Canadian Universities offer a valuable service to both Canada and India as they develop joint programs between the two countries for scholars and researchers, building business ties and deepening political connections. However, despite potential benefits, these connections are under reported.

With 550 million people under the age of 25 and only 350 universities, India will need 1,500 more by 2015. So study abroad is not just an option for Indian students, for many it is vital. And Canadian universities, despite their meagre 1.9% share of the Indian students studying outside India, are moving to expand their grasp on this market opportunity, particularly as Canada offers a “kinder, gentler” option compared to the reputation of some markets such as Australia. There enrolment has plunged by 30% following a spate of what are labelled as racially motivated attacks on Asian students.

Options for expansion of Canadain University connections to scholarship and research in India include, among other options, two-way partnerships with Indian Universities and the establishment of campuses in India.

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