Upcoming Trade Missions and Webinars

Women-focused trade missions are designed to help women entrepreneurs achieve success in international markets. Women benefit from the advice and assistance of the Trade Commissioner Service before, during and after the trade mission. If you are ready to export, BWIT can help you prepare for the trade mission and get the most out of it.

Preparing for a Trade Mission

Experienced exporters will tell you that much of the success of a trade mission is decided in advance by the amount of preparation you do. Here’s a summary of the key preparations your company needs to undertake to succeed:

Match your firm’s capabilities with opportunities in the host country.

Before you get on a plane, you need to ensure that your company’s strengths are a good match with market opportunities in the destination country. That means you should:

  • ensure the most senior people available (i.e. those with the authority to make decisions) are going to represent your firm;
  • analyze your company’s readiness to export;
  • do some research to ensure that the host country represents a good opportunity for you.

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