The fourth annual BioMarine conference and business to business event will take place in Halifax 9-12 September 2013,co-organized with the National Research Council of Canada. CEOs and executives of companies investing in marine bio resources from around the world will gather to move forward the business agenda for this new emerging industry. Government representatives and experts will also participate in the discussions.

Pierre Erwes, Executive Chairman of BioMarine, says “By putting forward the best practices of business in developing the marine bio-resources, we are actively working on concrete solutions to feed, heal and fuel the planet. This sustainable development will pave the way for future generations. We are investing in the building of a new domain which will create thousands of jobs, business opportunities and millions in investment.

The bio marine sector accounts for over $176 billion each year! We are looking to harvest this amazing potential in a new sustainable way.” The ocean is our last truly unexplored resource, a resource we cannot afford to waste. Its size, its role in the ecosphere and its potential in human sustainable development make it key to our future.

The BioMarine platform is a new source of economic development, one where the value chains and the business models are still in development. The world of marine bioresources is a complex mosaic of fast-changing industries spanning a wide variety of markets including:

  • aquaculture
  • animal feed
  • human nutrition
  • cosmetics
  • nutraceuticals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotechnology
  • clean technology
  • bioenergy
  • biocatalysts
  • the environment

The biomarine economy encompasses industries specializing in the extraction, development and valorization of marine bioresources and marine bioapplications. An emerging economy, the biomarine industry is a transversal platform that only now is aggregating around its common denominators: Biotechnology and the Oceans. It is a new and innovative means for economic growth and job creation.

The 2013 BioMarine Business Convention in Halifax will address marine natural products for health, environment and personal care; algae, aquaculture and aquafeed marine biotechnologies; marine biofouling and biotechnologies; as well as a specific focus on challenges facing the international marine ingredients industry. The agenda includes innovations and developments of bioactive and nutritional ingredients for use in cosmetics, foods, functional foods, food supplements,  feed, aquaculture, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and cleantech. For more information on the program CLICK HERE.
There will also be a EUREKA network at BioMarine —EUREKA is an international network for market-driven industrial R&D that includes over 40 economies from the EU, Europe, Israel, South Korea, and Canada.

BioMarine’s Mission is to champion marine bio resources. We advocate policies that will enable the realization of biotechnology’s promise for providing breakthrough products to feed the world, improve health and nutrition, and maximize sustainable development while ensuring strong environmental values.

2013 marks the fourth international BioMarine Convention. The 2014 BioMarine Business Convention will be held in Europe , and in 2015 it will move back to North America.

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