In order to establish a procurement relationship with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI) as it begins to gear up for the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS), it is vital to understand the fundamentals of how the company conducts business. The ISI Supply Chain group is looking for proactive relationships that add value to its operations by delivering supply chains that are certified, efficient and cost effective.

Irving regularly conducts LEAN initiatives (Kaizens, 5-S, Six Sigma) to analyze and remove waste from its various supply chains.

Irving Shipbuilding is in the midst of establishing an online supplier registry portal, which will allow you to enter all relevant information on your organization and categorize your goods and services so that we can contact appropriate suppliers to bid on RFPs or provide goods and services. In the meantime, please register your interest by sending an email to ( with the following information: Last Name, First Name, Company Name, Industry, Address, City, Country, Postal Code, e-mail address,

The ISI Supply Chain group is committed to responding to all inquiries about possible involvement directly and in a timely manner. Some questions for potential suppliers to consider when approaching Irving include:

1. Are your transactional processes digital?

2. What value does your product/service have over your competition?

3. How does your proposal continually reduce waste?

4. Do you have an understanding of Irving Shipbuilding Inc.’s required terms and conditions?

5. Do you have a copy of your Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and banking information?

6. Do all your products have bar codes?

7. Do you have a complete electronic product list with current costs?

8. Does your company provide free samples for testing?

9. What is your company’s D&B number?

10. What are your company’s programs concerning continuous improvement?

11. What is your quality assurance process to ensure compliance to specified requirements?

12. What are your EDI capabilities?

13. What are the names and contact information of your senior management?

14. What is your 24/7 emergency contact number?

15. Do you have a documented safety program?

Further inquiries can be made to Adam Spence, Irving’s supply chain manager, at: