13 August 2013: The World Ocean Council (WOC) has been invited by President Grimsson and the organizers of the Arctic Circle to strengthen the business community’s involvement in the inaugural Arctic Circle Assembly (Reykjavik, 12-14 October) www.arcticcircle.org.

The Arctic Circle is a new nonprofit organization and open forum designed to facilitate dialogue and build relationships to confront the Arctic’s greatest challenges. Participants include political and business leaders, environmental experts, representatives of indigenous groups, policy and thought leaders, scientists, and others who have a stake and an interest in the region.

President Grimsson stated that, “The role of the private sector is critical to the future of the Arctic and the Arctic Circle is pleased to have the World Ocean Council working to engage the diverse global business community.”

Alice Rogoff, chair of the Arctic Circle board and founder of the Alaska Dispatch and the Arctic Imperative Summit, added, “We welcome WOC efforts to ensure the business community is part of the conversation.”

Business and industry representatives are encouraged to contact the WOC with their interest in:

  • participating in the Arctic Circle Assembly, especially the Arctic Business Leadership sessions,
  • engaging in development of the format and content of the Arctic Circle business sessions, and
  • helping ensure that key messages from the Arctic business community are brought forward to key stakeholders in the overall Arctic Circle, including decision-makers.

The Arctic Circle business sessions will use WOC’s ongoing program to develop a circumpolar, multi-industry leadership forum on responsible Arctic use.

WOC efforts to date include the initial WOC meeting of Arctic industry representatives to explore creating an “Arctic Business Leadership Council” (Reykjavik, 16 September, 2012; view report). This was followed by the Arctic Council’s first ever “Informal Business Dialogue” (Reykjavik, 17 September 2013), organized by the WOC and Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG).

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About the Arctic Circle
The Arctic Circle is designed to increase participation in Arctic dialogue and strengthen the international focus on the future of the Arctic. The Arctic Circle is nonprofit and nonpartisan. Organizations, forums, think tanks, corporations and public associations around the world are invited to hold meetings within the Arctic Circle platform to advance their own missions and the broader goal of increasing collaborative decision-making.

About the World Ocean Council (WOC)
The WOC is the only international, cross-sectoral alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. Companies and associations worldwide are distinguishing themselves as leaders in ocean sustainability, stewardship and science by joining the WOC. Members to date include over 70 leadership organizations from a wide range of ocean industries: oil and gas, shipping, seafood, fisheries, aquaculture, mining, renewable energy, ocean technology, maritime law, marine environmental services and other areas. For the current list of WOC Members, click here. The WOC News Release is received by over 18,000 ocean industry stakeholders around the world.

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