Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is bringing Canada’s premier LEAN conference to Winnipeg, Jun4 4-7, 2012. CME’s vision is to provide an excellent LEAN enterprise learning experience with the highest practical value at the most affordable price. This year’s theme is “Achieving and Sustaining Enterprise Wide Excellence.”

The 2012 CME National LEAN Conference will help organizations learn new ways to save time, money and ultimately be the best in their sector. The conference is about thought leaders and practitioners sharing their continuous improvement perspectives and experiences that have resulted in bottom-line improvements.

CME believes that to create and sustain excellence within an organization, leaders must empower their people to take charge and make changes. Delegates will gain a rich learning experience that they can share with their organizations, resulting in innovative thinking and more effective processes and practices.

Re-energize your organization with a new enthusiasm for learning, sharing and networking around LEAN thinking and enterprise-wide excellence.

Potential benefits of attendinbg this conference include: 
1. Practitioner-to-practitioner sharing and learning
2. A quality and accelerated learning experience
3. Proven, practical solutions that delegates can borrow with pride
4. A trusted source of LEAN information
5. Networking around LEAN best practices

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