The life or death of mariners hinges on the performance of lifeboats, immersion suits and other equipment relied upon in maritime emergencies. These high stakes have motivated António Simões Ré to dedicate his career to evaluating their performance in extreme conditions and making recommendations for safety improvements.


Working out of the National Research Council Canada facility in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Simões Ré has been leading the Marine Safety Technologies for Extreme Environments (MSTEE) initiative for the past 15 years. A senior research engineer, he and his team of six researchers and six technical staff test physical models in a tow tank, ice tank, and offshore engineering basin; conduct full-scale field trials; and translate their findings into numerical models to validate their conclusions from the field trials and to simulate a full range of scenarios for various sea states and conditions. They have partnered with Dr. Brian Veitch of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University since the program began and, more recently, with Dr. Scott MacKinnon of Memorial’s School of Human Kinetics and Recreation. To read the full story CLICK HERE