SubC’s new Dragonfish Ethernet HD and Stills Camera for underwater harsh environments is making a biig impression in the industry delivering live 1080p HD, 5 MPixel Ethernet images. Whether used for Ocean Observatories, for ROV/AUV Imaging, or for Port Security, the Dragonfish serves up unprecedented image quality providing live digital transmission over 4-wire Ethernet with built-in overlay of text, date-time, and images. Options are available for a 6500m Titanium housing, integrated lasers, and control for an external LED or other equipment. With no moving parts and no maintenance, this camera is fast developing a reputation not only for quality but also for reliability–two features that are hard to come by in the harsh deep sea environment. It is also “feature rich” to ensure the most flexibility in critical situations.

Visit gallery of footage from clients here: footage for our gallery.