A three day workshop in Victoria was a follow-up on a Rio gathering of a Canada-Brazil ocean science and technology collaboration under the two country’s agreement.

Marine energy was added to the agenda at Brazil’s request. At the workshop Dr. Rapfael Malheiro Ferreira of Seahorse Wave Energy presented a suite of projects in technology development for wave, tide and river current. This University of Rio start-up is even proposing that they could supply the energy needs of offshore oil and gas facilities by creating offshore wave parks to replace the offshore power cables being planned now:a proposal which attendees at the workshop agreed was an intriguing connection for marine energy–especially as it is being developed at a time when Petrobras is planning to invest approximately $300 billion over the next decade!

Marine Renewables Canada left the group some thoughts for their work plan:
• Brazil wave interests to join WestCoast Wave Initiative led by Brad Buckham at the University of Victoria foraccess to resource assessment tools
• Brazil tidal interests to join with Acadia/Dalhousie tidal resource modelling led by Richard Karsten
• Brazil remote community/river energy interests to create a demonstration project for Brazilian generator technologies and three or four of the Canadian approaches
• Brazil to align with the FORCE FAST project

Brazil’s Science Without Borders can send bodies and minds to expand teams in Canada – undergraduates and upwards. The programme can also support Canadians working in Brazilian research. This may be an opportunity for Canadian marine energy sector members to engage and learn more about the Brazilian opportunities. Some of you may recall that there was a call for research collaboration proposals earlier – without some connections, it is difficult  sector in which to gain a research or business advantage.

To learn more contact Jane Rutherford or Meena Bhullar.