(Montreal, QC,17 March 2014) The World Ocean Council (WOC) and Canada’s Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network are co-organizing an international workshop to advance ocean industry data collecting and sharing. The event will set the stage for an initial Canadian Atlantic pilot project on ocean observations by industry, in support of Canada’s commitment to trans-Atlantic research under the “Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation,” with potential for future expansion to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

The 3-day workshop (Montreal, 27-29 May, 2014) will convene industry, science and government representatives to:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the need and opportunity for industry data collection
  2. Review ocean industry data-gathering experience in Canada
  3. Identify constraints and opportunities for expanding industry involvement in data collection
  4. Highlight the technology and instrumentation available for use on industry vessels and platforms
  5. Explain MEOPAR’s role in advancing ocean measurement, modelling and risk response research
  6. Identify ways and means for industry-science collaborations on ocean observations in Canada
  7. Define the roadmap and work-plan for a project to develop coordinated industry data collection, initially in Canada’s Atlantic waters, with potential for future expansion to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans

The workshop will bring together representatives from Shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, mining, and other sectors; Marine technology, instrumentation, IT/communications; Canadian universities; International and national oceanographic/metrological organizations; and existing voluntary ocean observation programs.

The workshop advances the WOC “Smart Ocean/Smart Industries” program – a major international initiative to facilitate, coordinate and ramp up efficient, cost-effective ocean and atmospheric information collection by a growing number and range of vessels and platforms.

The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network is a team of outstanding Canadian natural and social scientists. Through research and observation, MEOPAR is working to help reduce Canada’s vulnerability and exposure to hazards in the marine environment and improve response strategies.

The need to better document and monitor the ocean has never been greater, as government and scientific institutions have limited facilities and resources to collect oceanic and atmospheric data. Improved and expanded information from industry observations will contribute to improved modeling of weather, ocean conditions and climate change and will support responsible use of ocean space and resources – all with clear benefits for science, government, society, and business.

The MEOPAR-WOC Smart Ocean/Smart Industries workshop will contribute to addressing this need in a concrete focused effort, leading to a pilot project for the Canadian Atlantic.

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neil.gall@meopar.ca to learn more about MEOPAR.
paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org  to learn more about the WOC and the Smart Ocean/Smart Industries program.