The latest INTTRA Technology Outlook survey, which tries to identify the top technology priorities and challenges on the minds of international logistics and shipping industry professionals from direct shippers, carriers and freight forwarders around the world has shown that the industry’s top priority is “improving supply chain visibility capabilities to integrate higher quality data.”

This demonstrates the importance now placed on having easy access to quality shipping information that is timely, accurate and complete.

This response surpassed other ranked technology priorities, including the need to pursue strategies in big data, cloud networking and mobile devices, which were cited as the second, third and fourth priorities, respectively.

The INTTRA Technology Outlook Survey also revealed the challenges faced by shipping industry professionals in optimizing their supply chain. According to respondents, the top challenge is “lack of standardisation, hindering automation,” demonstrating continued concerns about not having a common format for reducing data complexity. The second ranked challenge was “technology barriers to visibility, which slow down access to real-time data.”

“With these survey results, we’re seeing that the pursuit of quality data is top of mind for today’s logistics and shipping industry professionals, as they embark on delivering improved supply chain visibility,” said Sandra Moran, chief marketing officer, INTTRA.

“By recognising this and other priorities identified in the survey, the shipping industry’s evolution can be accelerated through a focus on the top challenges and the adoption of new technologies.”

The full INTTRA Technology Outlook survey can be found here.

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