Positioning the Atlantic Region as a Leader in Oceans

Pan Atlantic Marketing Collateral Initiative

AUGUST 16, 2021


OceansAdvance invites suitably qualified consultancy firms to respond to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for the provision of Pan Atlantic Oceans Marketing Collateral materials.  The Pan Atlantic Oceans Marketing Collateral materials will champion industry, research, academia and those supporting the oceans industry in the 4 Atlantic Provinces by creating videos, banners, fact sheets and online marketing materials templates to promote Atlantic Canada’s comprehensive ocean industry.  The Pan Atlantic Oceans Marketing Collateral project is being supported by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency via its Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy (ATIGS) and developed as a collaborative initiative between the Government of Canada and the Provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick as well as the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia and OceansAdvance.


For the purposes of this contract, Newfoundland and Labrador based OceansAdvance Inc. (OA), the NL ocean technology cluster, is the contracting agency on behalf of the ATIGS ocean sector group which includes:

  • OceansAdvance Inc. – OA
  • Industry, Energy and Technology – Gov’t of NL
  • Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia – OTCNS
  • Nova Scotia Business Inc. – NSBI
  • Innovation Prince Edward Island
  • Opportunities New Brunswick – ONB
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – ACOA
  • Global Affairs Canada



The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) projects that the ocean economy will more than double in size by 2030. The impact of this growth will be profound around the world and gives Atlantic Canada the opportunity to spur the development and adoption of technologies that will support both higher value output from ocean resources and greater sustainability in established and emerging ocean sectors. There is a tremendous opportunity to grow the oceans sector in this Region and across Canada.

The Ocean Technology Sector has been identified as a key growth area from both the Atlantic Canadian Provincial Governments and the Federal Government perspective. Since 2017 the Government of Canada and the 4 Atlantic Provinces via the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy have invested millions of dollars to help companies find export markets, create jobs and strengthen the economy to help position Atlantic Canada as a global leader in the knowledge-based ocean economy. With the longest coastline and the fourth largest ocean territory in the world, Canada’s ocean resources represent enormous potential for the country and for this Region.

Exporting products and services, as well as ongoing research, are critical components of growth for the sector, specifically global growth.  In order to expand our global outreach, we need to present ourselves as world leaders in the areas where we are strongest!

The focus of this initiative is to provide Atlantic Canadian innovation ecosystem partners and stakeholders, companies, researchers and start-ups with a means to showcase the vast capabilities of the ocean’s sector in the four Atlantic Provinces to help build our reputation as a region with strong ocean capabilities in the global market.   We believe that in providing professionally developed, aesthetically pleasing, first-class marketing collateral with common branding for use by these partners, stakeholders and clients, we can increase our footprint in global markets and give this Region an easily recognizable brand.


Atlantic Canada is a small region with limited resources, so we have to think smarter and make more effective use of our resources in a coordinated fashion to optimize our growth potential.  As per the objectives of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, we must pursue the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Developing Pan Atlantic Marketing Collateral materials will provide a platform to effectively inform, connect and promote, as well as create opportunities for the Atlantic region.

Combining the collective strengths of Atlantic Canada into a singular ocean technology brand and supporting collateral will position the region to be a global leader in ocean technology.  This increased awareness and positioning will attract more buyers and foreign direct investment to the region, and facilitate more international collaborations and partnerships to increase exports and build research opportunities thus increasing our overall competitiveness as a region.

Our objective is to produce unique and distinct collateral marketing materials.  These materials will achieve brand recognition with professionally produced collateral that will show our target audiences what our capabilities are as a region and will depict us as a world-class ocean technology sector.

It is essential to highlight the true depth and breadth of the ocean technology sector in Atlantic Canada so that industry, researchers and investors in the global oceans sector are enticed to learn more about us; what products and services we sell, what research is taking place in Atlantic Canada, why as a Region we are leaders in international oceans markets; most importantly why we are an obvious choice to do business with, form research partnerships and to invest in.

Through this project, OceansAdvance, on behalf of the Government of Canada and the 4 Atlantic Provinces seeks to promote the Atlantic Region locally, provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally with the creation of digital, visual and online marketing collateral that highlights the strength and capabilities of industry and the research community throughout the Region.

Marketing collateral refers to a wide collection of media items which will be used to support and promote the Atlantic region.  These materials will include the development of a recognition brand – common look and feel, videos, pop-up banners, marketing materials and templates to be used on websites and through social media platforms.

Note: Banners and all templates will be in both official languages.

Marketing collateral will quickly convey the key messages we wish to highlight and emphasize to prospective customers and partners in global markets in a manner which is visually captivating.  Well-designed and thoughtful marketing materials can make a good first impression and will speak to the capabilities of the region as a whole.  Good marketing collateral can also build professional credibility for us as a region in a highly competitive global market. These materials will be used at international trade shows, at online meetings, webinars, in email promotion and to assist in bid processes for conferences shining the spotlight on Atlantic Canada and our capabilities as a region.


Atlantic Canada ocean technology capabilities includes a vast array of ocean industry verticals, including: sea farming, wild fishery, clean energy, offshore oil and gas, defense and shipping. Our strengths and capabilities include: marine bio-products, sensors and imaging, simulation, subsea communications, big data and analytics, biotechnology and genomics, autonomous systems, robotics, remote systems, satellite technology, supply/service, and ocean science.

The scope of work will involve the creation of the following materials, representative of all four Atlantic Provinces:

  • Brand recognition – Tagline for the Region
  • Video – animated with tagline-brand featuring industry and research institutions
    • Multi-language – Canadian official languages English and French as well as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and German.
    • Music
    • Creative graphics
    • Voice-over
    • Captioning
  • Bilingual Pop-up Banners
  • Bilingual Marketing – electronic materials – must be in PDF and design files (such as Adobe inDesign) suitable for printing and/or use online
    • Brochure
    • Fact sheets
    • Social media templates

Note: The materials will also include women and indigenous groups to show Canada’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity.


In order to ensure that we have a consistent message for use throughout the various marketing collateral materials we need to create a “brand” aka a common look and feel that will be easily recognizable and which can be used by everyone in the ecosystem when referencing Atlantic Canada.


This project will include the production of a 3-minute video in a minimum of six languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and German so that partners and stakeholders can use the videos as a promotion of the Region when travelling in foreign markets.

The video producer shall produce all elements of the video, which may include, but are not limited to: videography, script, audio and editing work, including voicing, lighting, graphics, animation, coding, and music. This work will be overseen and supervised by OA.

The videos must be created so that each province can have access to pieces which reference their Province specifically. Details to be discussed.

Research has shown that there are already videos in the Region that have been developed by Provincial Government Departments and Agencies, industry, education and research organizations.

Wherever possible it is the intention to access and use as much of these existing materials as possible so as not to use valuable project dollars recreating and shooting videos that may already exist. OA and partners will connect the consultant with these organizations.


Bilingual pop-up banners (four in total, one resident in each Province) which illustrates the strengths and capabilities of the Region and includes consistent messaging for all.Electronic marketing materials

Bilingual brochure, one pager fact sheets and templates for marketing and use on social media channels.


Electronic notification of an expression of interest to bid is required by 12:00 noon, NST Friday, September 3, 2021.

The purpose of this expression of interest to bid is to ensure that each question submitted is answered and distributed to all perspective proposers to ensure a level playing field for all submissions.

All questions must be submitted in writing, no telephone calls will be accepted.

Final submissions of full proposals must be submitted electronically no later than 4:00 p.m., NST Friday, September 24, 2021. The finish date for this project is January 22, 2022.


  • Kick-off meeting via Zoom with the Steering Committee to discuss awarded contract including scope and deliverables.
  • Consultant submits a detailed work plan for executing the project agreement within one week of kick-off.
  • Electronic bi-weekly updates to be provided by the consultant.
  • Draft samples to be provided to the Steering Committee no later than Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
  • 2nd Draft samples to be provided to the Steering Committee no later than Wednesday, December 15, 2021.
  • Consultant to provide completed project materials and final report, to OceansAdvance no later than 4:00 p.m. NST Friday, January 22, 2022.


Table 1: RFP Structure



This section should introduce and briefly explain the firm, its capabilities and its experience in handling an assignment of this nature with examples given of similar work.
Understanding of the project This section should explain the Consultant’s understanding and interpretation of the objectives and requirements of this project. The successful Consultant will have demonstrated a good understanding of the work to be undertaken.
Technical Proposal



A listing & description of major tasks to complete outlined work.

Cost Proposal


The cost proposal should include a table that summarizes costs by category. This may include but not be limited to items such as professional consulting fees, supplies, travel and materials, etc. Determination of best value may not result in the lower cost being accepted. All monies are in CAD and must include HST-GST.
Management of

the Proposal and Summary of

Qualifications and

Experience  of Key Personnel


•      A project schedule.

•      Corporate profiles and short-form résumés of key project personnel, as well as references for related work should also be included as an appendix.



The proposal of the successful Proponent will form part of any resultant contract agreement by attachment and incorporation by reference. Claims made in the proposal will constitute contractual commitments. Any provision in the proposal may be included in the resultant contract as a direct provision thereof. The successful Consultant, as a condition of submitting its proposal, accepts that a customized contract may be negotiated.

Any resultant contract from this RFP will be governed by the by-laws of OceansAdvance and shall be issued in the name of the successful Consultant exactly as that successful Consultant personal or corporate name is stated in the RFP response document. Funds payable for materials delivered pursuant to any resultant contract shall be paid only to the Consultant who is so listed as party to any resultant contract. Only legal registered names of Proponents are acceptable.

The proposal will contain the signature, name, title, and contact information of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the Consultant on the proposal submitted in response to this RFP.

The responsibility rests with the Consultant to submit a complete proposal, with proper and adequate detail to substantiate all aspects of its proposal.  Incomplete proposals shall be deemed to be non-compliant.  A complete proposal should include but not be limited to:

  • Legal name and status: The proposal shall state the correct legal name and legal status of the proposing entity and the correct mailing address.
  • Consultant contact: The name, title, telephone numbers, E-mail address and civic address of a representative who may be contacted for clarification or other matters relating to the proposal shall be provided.
  • Content: The proposal will be clear, concise, and must include sufficient detail for effective evaluation and for substantiating the validity of stated claims. The proposal shall not simply rephrase or restate the requirements, but rather shall provide convincing rationale to address how the Consultant intends to meet these requirements.


All terms and conditions will apply to all subcontractors and the Consultant will be responsible for subcontractors’ compliance. The Consultant will be responsible for all work done by the subcontractors. The Consultant will be responsible for all damages and will complete any work unfinished by the subcontractors.


  • The total value of any contract(s) emanating from this RFP shall not exceed $90,000 Canadian Dollars, inclusive of applicable taxes, fees, expenses, and travel costs.
  • An initial payment totaling 30% of the contract value will be made to the consultant upon consultant engagement, submission and approval of a work plan and submission of an invoice.
  • An additional payment of 30% of the contract value will be made midway through the project following a project update with the client.
  • The remaining payment of 40% of contract value (with an option to hold back 10% – pending review of submitted deliverables) will be made upon successful completion of the project and submission of an invoice.
  • Payments will be processed by OceansAdvance within 30 days of receipt of invoice.


Work will be carried out at the Contractor’s premises, with occasional meetings at the OceansAdvance office or via zoom.

Communication between OceansAdvance and the consultant will consist of both email, telephone calls and in person or online meetings.


OceansAdvance will award the contract based upon the results of the evaluation of submitted proposals.  OceansAdvance will notify the successful consultant in writing via electronic means. Those that are not successful will receive written notification via electronic correspondence once the award of contract has been accepted and the negotiations have been concluded with the successful consultant. OceansAdvance reserves the right not to explain in detail why unsuccessful consultants were not selected. The resulting contract will contain such reasonable terms as the Client may require.


The project schedule will assume as of October 1, 2021.  The project must be completed by 4:00 p.m. NST January 22, 2022.

Table 2: Project Deliverable Dates

Item No. Deliverable Timelines  

Payment Schedule

1 Proposal submission 12:00 noon NST

September 24, 2021

2 Contract awarded October 1, 2021
3 Kick-off meeting October 5, 2021
4 Project Work Plan draft submission including list of Key Partner-subcontractor contacts. Work may commence with preliminary research etc. while the work plan is in progress.



October 12, 2021

5 Approved Project Work Plan October 19, 2021 Submission of invoice #1 – 30% contract value
6 1st review of draft collateral materials and progress on video presented to Steering Committee. This contract allows for 2 feedback – review by the S.C. November 23, 2021  


  7 2nd review of draft collateral materials and draft video presented to Steering Committee for final review and changes before project deadline. December 15, 2021  Submission of invoice # 2 – 30% contract value


8 Finished collateral materials and final report and acceptance by Steering Committee. 4:00 p.m. NST

January 22, 2022

40% of contract value with optional 10% holdback.

Any costs incurred for this project are the responsibility of the Consultant.

*OceansAdvance may hold back up to 10% of the total project cost to ensure the final product meets the requirements specified in the RFP.


Any intellectual property that is developed as a result of this project in completing this work shall be vested with the Client.  The consultant shall deliver all files and documentation for this project to OceansAdvance upon its completion and shall destroy all files and documentation on hand.


All written reports submitted under this agreement shall be provided in Microsoft Word and pdf formats.  Data tables shall be provided in Microsoft Excel format.


Strict confidentially is required for this project.


OceansAdvance and a Steering Committee will evaluate the proposals. OceansAdvance reserves the right to reject all proposals and either cancel or re-issue if necessary.

The qualifications, commitment, related experience and knowledge of the project personnel will be key evaluation factors. The experience of the consulting team in undertaking assignments of this nature and magnitude will be a significant factor in proposal selection.

The successful contractor will be determined based on the following:

  • The extent of knowledge and experience in relation to the work, at least 2 samples of previous work;
  • Understanding of the scope and objectives of the proposal;
  • Proposed approach, work plan and schedule; and
  • Cost (in Canadian dollars).


  • Electronic notification of intention to bid is required by 12:00 noon, NST September 3, 2021.
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically to the OceansAdvance contact no later than 4:00 p.m. NST September 24, 2021.
  • Proposal should not exceed eight (8) pages in total including cover Appendices are acceptable as outlined above.
  • All questions must be submitted electronically; questions and responses will be provided to all respondents via e-mail prior to the submission deadline.
  • No extensions to the submission date will be considered.
  • The successful proponent will be contacted within 7 business days of the RFP closing.
  • All proposals must be sent via email to the OceansAdvance at the following:

Cathy Hogan, Executive Director, OceansAdvance

All correspondence must be in electronic format to Ms. Hogan, Email: