We would like you to take 3 minutes of your valuable time to complete the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G5ZHH9P

As you may know, Fisheries and Oceans Canada are undertaking an extensive consultation with stakeholders across the country to develop the Blue Economy Strategy ~ Your Oceans ~ Your Voice ~ Your Future.

The Board of OceansAdvance believes that it is important that we, as the NL ocean technology cluster, provide feedback to this important initiative on behalf of our members by consulting with you, our membership, to ensure that we provide meaningful and constructive input into this important process.

To capture member input and to make the process the least onerous as possible, we have included a series of questions below based on the section titled “Ocean Technology”, page 45 and 46 of the above referenced document.  We have taken the questionnaire provided by the Minister and adjusted it slightly so that you can provide your thoughtful and informed comments. We have also left ample space for any addition you may wish to make.

We would greatly appreciate it if you take the time to respond to these questions and provide your valuable feedback so we can provide Fisheries and Canada with thoughtful, well informed input into the development of this important Strategy.

Mike Maguire
OceansAdvance Chair